SERVICES // 01 服务01


WS Immigrant 文思移民

Manager: Katie J

Immigrant Settlement Workshops 移民安顿服务讲座

Assist to apply 帮助申请:

Passport 护照

Immigrant Visa 移民签证

Super Visa 超级签证

Visitor Visa 访问签证

Chinese Visa 中国签证

America Visa 美国签证

International Student Study Permit 留学签证

SERVICES // 03 服务03


WS Computer Training 文思电脑培训

Manager: Sophia Z


Basic IT Training 基础电脑培训

DVD Making 光盘刻录

Short Movie Making 视频制作

Basic Website design 简易网站设计

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat and more


SERVICES // 02 服务02


WS English Training 文思英语培训

Manager: May W


From basic ABC to higher level 从零基础到更高级别

Small group study 小班授课

Flexible Schedule 时间灵活

Topic oriented 一节课一个主要话题

Online English Class 网络远程英语培训


SERVICES // 04 服务04


WS Adventures 文思特色旅游

Manager: Abby S


Business Trip 公务/商务考察

Cultural Tour 文化交流

Students Summer Camp 学生夏令营

SERVICES // 05 服务05


WS Presiding Theme Party 策划主题派对

Manager: Cici L

New Book Launch 新书发布会

Poetry Reading 诗歌朗诵会

Book Club 读书会

Multicultural Celebration (多元)文化节庆祝会

Asian Heritage Month Celebration​亚洲传统文化月庆祝会

Various Celebration 各类庆典


SERVICES // 06 服务06

Manager: Mingfu L

WS Translation 文思笔译 

WS Interpretation文思口译





SERVICES // 07 服务07


WS Citizenship Class 文思入籍班辅导

Manager: Sophia Z


Citizenship Class 入籍班辅导

PR card renewal 枫叶卡换领



SERVICES // 08 服务08


WS Chinese Class 文思中文班

Manager: Liang C


Pinyin & Chinese Character Class拼音识字班

Daily Oral Chinese Class 日常口语班

Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing Class 中级读写班

Chinese Poetry Appreciation Class 诗词赏析班


SERVICES // 09 服务09


WS Featured Dishes Cooking Class 文思百家菜烹饪班

Manager: Abby S


Teach Asian, European and North American styles of cooking

Make healthy, enjoyable and Creative meals

Improve food planning, preparation and budgeting skils

Custom homesick cooking

Coffee/Tea Snacks

Improve your English

Meet people from diverse culture and have fun










SERVICES // 10 服务10


WS Settlement 文思安家

Manager: Chris S


Housing Management 房屋管理

Commercial Construction & Renovation Assistance 推荐商业建筑装修

Residencial Construction & Renovation Assistance 推荐住宅建筑装修

***WS Sister House*** 文思姐妹房

Just in case you, or someone you know, need a place to stay without the payment regardlessly, please contact us and we will try to provide you a temporary accommodation for free. This is for kids (under 19 years old) and woman Only.



SERVICES // 11 服务11


WS Child Care 文思托儿服务

Manager: Naka L


Wanna concentrate to your work?

Wanna go to a job interview?

Wanna meet a long lost friend?

Wanna watch a movie just you and your partner?


We are here to help watching your little ones with short notice.

'Emergency" situation, temporary and short term Only.








SERVICES // 13 服务13


WS Multicultural Writers Group 文思多元文化作家协会

WS Writers Group 文思作家协会

Manager: Sophia Z

Annual Contest 年度征文比赛

Writings Recital 创作分享

Multicultural Workshop 多元文化讲座

Column 专栏

Book Launch 新书发布会

SERVICES // 16 服务16


PR, Communication and Media 外联与媒体宣传

Manager: Sophia Z

By Company/Organization Annually 按单位/按年

By Project/Case/Event 按项目/活动

SERVICES // 12 服务12


WS Seniors Care 文思长者服务

Manager: Penny K

Hospital/Doctor Appointment Company 陪伴看医生

Pharmacy Company 取药陪伴

Driving Assistance 叫车服务

Shopping Assistance 陪伴购物

*70 years and older Only (只针对70岁及以上长者)







SERVICES // 14 服务14


WS Members & Volunteers 文思会员及义工部

Manager: Rosely W

Classic Movie Club 经典影片赏析会

Photography Show 摄影作品展

Calligraphy Exhibition 书法展

Art Exhibition 画展

Annual Christmas & New Year Celebration 年度圣诞暨新年庆祝会

SERVICES // 16 服务16


WS Press 文思出版部

Manager: Amy Z

ISBN Application 书号申请

Book Editing 书籍编辑

Book Publication 书籍出版

Tel: 778 863 5828

Email: info@wsisc.com

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